About us

About us

Provino was established in 2016 by Alberto Zambianchi and Jed Williamson. We import high quality wines from small to medium-sized producers in Italy. Whether or not it is true that Italians keep the best wines for themselves, we aim to go 'off the beaten track' - to introduce lesser known wines to the British palate. Provino are currently the exclusive importers of Calvi wines.

 Provino provide wine to a number of pubs and restaurants in the Lancaster area. In addition we attend Lancaster Charter Market about once a month. This gives us Lancastrians the opportunity to sample our delicious wines. We also host regular wine-tastings at venues in the Lancaster area and can even host a tasting in your own home. Contact us to find out more about this.

Alberto and Jed at the Lancaster Food and Drink Festival 2017

Jed and Alberto at the Lancaster Food & Drink Festival, 2017

North-west to north-west

Alberto comes from a wine-making family in the beautiful Pavia province in Lombardia, in the north-west of Italy. He met and made friends with Jed in the historic city of Lancaster in north-west England in the early 2000s. While living in the Pavia area of Italy for a year, Jed was introduced to the delicious local wines, and fell in love with Bonarda, a variety of wine he'd never seen in England.