About us

Our History

Our Wax melts started as an idea between two people in 2016. The idea started after both bought a wax melt product from an on-line supplier. The product was felt to be of poor quality and not worth the money.

After a period of research into how to make the product, what materials were required, what are the legal requirements involved, how much would it cost to make, the conclusion was that the two people concerned could make this, and make it better than the one they purchased. A hobby for personal use was born!

Those two people were Karen Brown and Vikki Watkins – mother and daughter.

A trial period of making a small quantity of wax melts resulted, and shared with friends and acquaintances, who agreed that the product was good, some even compared the product with those of a well-known brand, and commented that it was better, and they would be prepared to buy this product rather than the well-known brand one.

What followed was the creation of Heavenly Scents London

Today we are fully insured, and comply with the CLP  (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) European Regulations which are now in force for use of chemicals/irritants/allergens.

Please contact us at: - info@heavenlyscentslondon.co.uk  If you require any further information.