There's a lot that one Edison Robot can do. Imagine what your kids can do with a team of them working together! 

Edison is a LEGO compatible robot which means your kids can let their imagination run wild. Why not make a remote control LEGO robot!

Learn more about the programming power of this cheap robot from its specifications and our robotics books, then get one to play with. Or 2, 20 heck even 30. The more you buy, the more you save, and the more fun your kids will have. They can also make great fun and educational gifts for your friend's children.

Edison is great for school education and to teach kids robotics and programming. We've even provided lesson plans to help make it easy for teachers to get started. 

We are now supplying Version 2 Edison's which have improved drive train, which includes wheel encoders that allow for precision distances and turns.

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Edison Robot

Product no.: ED0001

£37.50 *

Edison Robot Set of 10

Product no.: ED0010

£330.00 *

Edison Robot Set of 30

Product no.: ED0030

£925.00 *

Edison Robot Set of 20

Product no.: ED0020

£630.00 *

Edison Robot Spares Kit

Product no.: ED0040

£15.00 *
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