JAB Home Booster

JAB Home Booster

Low Mains Pressure ?

Low Flow Rates?

Loosing sales of unvented ?

Loosing sales of luxury showers and taps ?


Solve your problems with a booster set.....

The Multi-Boost Range of pressurisation sets for

homes of all sizes. The large storage ensures

good flow rates even with an intermittent mains


No more need to be governed by poor

pressure or low flow rates.


Connections: Inlet 3/4”, Outlet 1”, o/f 3/4”


Max. Flow: 120 L/Min

Max. Head: 42 Mtrs. (4.1 bar)


Model/ Litres Height Diameter

1. 250ltr = 1050mm 760mm

2. 300ltr Slim Line = 1600mm 580mm

3. 500ltr = 1370mm 760mm

4. 750ltr = 2090mm 760mm