JAB Flat Back Heaters

JAB Flat Back Heaters

The JAB FB is a storage water heater with an integral cistern. Designed to plumb directly into the rising main, it lets you put multiple hot taps in places where supply from a cold water storage tank or break tank is impractical. Applications include hot water systems, cloakrooms, kitchens and canteens.

  • Four sizes from 25 litre to 100 litre

  • Smart, compact modern styling

  • Left or right hand inlet and overflow

  • Thermostat adjustable from 18°C to 70°C

  • Suitable for inlet pressures up to 7 bar

  • Long life alloy sheathed element

  • Adjustable master thermal cut-out on 3kW models, for additional user protection

  • Thermostatic blending valve and pressure reducing valve available as an optional accessories



    1. FB25 = 705MM X 470MM

    2. FB50 = 750MM X 600MM

    3. FB75 = 925MM X 600MM

    4. FB100 = 1080MM X 600MM