Cheese Truckles

Cheese Truckles

Cheese Truckles


Below we offer a fantastic selection of 7 delicious flavoured waxed cheese truckles.

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Juicy cranberries incorporated into a mature cheddar cheese truckle.

£3.50 *

The best chilli cheese ever.

£3.50 *

Oranges with a drop of whisky in a beautiful smooth mature cheddar.

£3.50 *

Traditionally smoked cheddar in a individual waxed truckle.

£3.50 *

Mourish Garlic and chive in a smooth mature cheddar

£3.50 *

Matured for two years this extra mature cheddar is smooth and full of flavour.

£3.50 *

The best home made chutney (made by us) in a smooth mature cheddar. Pure heaven

£3.50 *

Beautiful blue veined soft cheese made using traditional methods. Absolutely exquisite. Min 130g

£3.00 *

The only brie made in Lincolnshire. Made using traditional method so it has a taste of depth and is beautifully creamy.

£3.50 *

Currently unavailable

One of each of the following presented in a box:


1 x 200g Mature Cheddar 

1 x 200g Caramelised Red Onion Cheddar 

1 x 200g Chilli Cheddar 

1 x 200g Smoked Cheddar 

1 x 200g Cranberry Cheddar 

1 x 200g Whisky and Orange Cheddar 

1 x 200g Garlic and Chive Cheddar 


If you would prefer an alternative 200g truckle that we sell in our range swapped for a cheese already in the box please note this in the delivery comments and we will try our best to do this for you.










£20.00 *

200g Mature Cheddar in the shape of a heart.

£3.75 *

Cheddar Cheese made with charcoal 

£3.50 *

Mature Cheddar 200g Heart Cheese

£3.75 *

A 200g Creamy Red Leicester in a blue wax. 

£3.50 *
* total min order £10