4 x Dust boots for M12 rod ends

4 x Dust boots for M12 rod ends

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Rod end Dust boots, essential for protecting your expensive rod ends from premature failure.

New revised design,  we have used the older "baggy" style of dust boots for a good while now and find that sometimes they get in the way.  The majority  also have a very poor finish on them, most of the time. This is why we took it upon ourselves to have some new, more suitable ones made. 

Lower profile fitting - these dust boots will fit over M12 and 1/2" size spherical rod ends -The one pictured fitted is on an M12 rod end.

With the revised design it is not necessary to have the recommended zip ties like the other style, these will seal themselves and protect your investment.

This is for a SET OF FOUR dust boots delivered to your door, we believe they are the best quality on the market.

Check out our other products for some ultra high strength M12 LH/RH rod ends that will fit inside these boots perfectly - again we believe these are of a very high quality.

***Please note that these will not fit over the Female M12 rod ends that we sell***

Feel free to ask any questions, we are always happy to answer .


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