Zeta Gundam

Zeta Gundam

First broadcast in 1985, Zeta Gundam was the first sequel to the original Mobile Suit Gundam. 50 episodes long, this series featured much improved animation. It is notable for the role reversal, with the Earth Federation, in the form of the pseudo-fascist Titans, featuring as the antagonists and the rebel AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group) now fighting against Titan dominance. Set in UC 0087, eight years after the original, the series saw the return of a number of cast members from the original, including Amuro Ray, Bright Noah and a poorly disguised Char Aznable as the unfortunately named Quattro Bajeena (whose surname has been variously translated to hilarious effect). It also saw the introduction of transforming mecha to the Gundam universe for the first time. Zeta Gundam is noted for its dark tone, high casualty list and grim ending.

After the devastation of the One Year War, the elite Titans military unit has been given the responsibility of hunting down and eliminating Zeon remnant forces. After the Titans commit atrocities that include gassing civilians, an organisation has arisen to fight Titan oppression. Calling itself the AEUG, and backed by a number of wealthy organisations and other groups, the AEUG attempt to steal the Titans' newest prototype mobile suit, the successor to the legendary Gundam. A young man, Kamille Bidan, is unexpectedly caught up in events and chooses to side with the AEUG. Where will his destiny lead him?

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