Verm-X Pellets 250g Plus a FREE 5kg bag of feed

Verm-X Pellets 250g Plus a FREE 5kg bag of feed

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A Natural Control of Intestinal Hygiene for Poultry, Ducks and Fowl.  100% Natural - no artificial chemicals.  Veterinary Approved.  No waste - you can eat your hens eggs whilst your hens are fed their Verm X.

XMAS OFFER - get a free 5kg bag of feed when you buy this product. Please specify layers pellets or layers mash in notes at checkout.

The powerful and effective formulation for supporting intestinal health during periods of challenge.  Verm X is a herbal recipe and therefore not classed as a medicine.

This pack will last 5 birds for 6 months.

For chickens and Ducks feed 2.5g per bird per day

For geese and Turkeys feed 5g per bird per day

Mix whole or crushed into daily feed ration.  Repeat for 3 consecutive days each and every month.

When introducing Verm X or when necessary, a double course can safely be fed over the 3 days.


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