April Antics


Get some great deals on our Terra Block Shopping Mall as well as The Walking Dead and Project Z.

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The Red Book of the Elf King Pre-Release Deals

The Red Book of the Elf King, by Rick Priestley author of Warhammer, WH40K, Bolt Action,

Black Powder, Hail Caesar and many more is coming soon...

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Terra Formers - the foundations of great terrain.

We've just added the first video in a series taking you through the easy steps to building great looking terrain using Terra-Former tiles.

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Really Useful Boxes (RUBs)


Turn your Really Useful Box into a really useful box!

War Chests - Figure Storage Boxes


Store you figures in stackable boxes.

Add clear fronts or lids to make those fabulous miniatures visible. 

Clear 'Terra Bases'


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Sally 4th laser cut wargames terrain for

28mm, 15mm & 10mm miniature wargames.


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