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Labour History

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This book gives a glimpse of the confrontations that took place in massive well-organised unionised car plants and the wider struggles of industrial workers in the 1970s

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This book shows the miners were right to take the action they did. They could have won a victory which would have raised the sights and confidence of the whole working-class movement.

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The only account in print of the origins of May Day, with highlights of its first century from around the world.

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A series of articles commemorating all aspects of the 1913 Dublin Lockout and its consequences.

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Gallacher gives a vivid account of the upheavals in Glasgow immediately following the war and describes the turbulent early years of the British Communist Party

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Published to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the 1983 election, Militant Liverpool: A City on the Edge draws from interviews with many of the key participants.


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A reprint of the main articles from the original 1988 pamphlet


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Land of Whose Fathers? takes the reader from the very start of the industrial revolution in Wales right up to the turn of the 21st century

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The Prison Officers' Association finally gained recognition in 1939, after decades of struggle. The story presented here is epitomised in the POA's historic slogan 'Unity is Strength'.


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Here, celebrated historian Sidney Lens chronicles the great labor battles in US history
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The textbook history of the 1920s is a story of Prohibition, flappers, and unbounded prosperity. For millions of industrial workers, however, the “roaring twenties” looked very different.
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From the birth of the CIO to the sit-down strikes that helped to organize the auto industry, the 1930s have come to define the high point of labor militancy.

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Art Preis, an active participant, tells the story of the explosive labor struggles and political battles that built an industrial union movement and changed U.S. society.

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The famous Wobbly poet, songwriter and organiser was executed in Salt Lake City on November 19, 1915. Foner conclusively demonstrates that Joe Hill was the victim of a colossal frameup.

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An epic firsthand account of women and labor in the early years of the 20th century. The fiery IWW, labor defense and Communist leader writes vividly of her early life


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Contains articles on the Leeds Gasworkers strike 1890, the Manningham Mills strike 1890-1, the Old Dog Strike 1909, the Yeadon lockout 1913 and the Leeds Corporation strike 1913.

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Peter Taaffe and Tony Mulhearn's book depicting the struggle of the Militant-led Liverpool City Council 1983-7 against the Thatcher governments cuts, which draws out numeorus lessons for future struggles.

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Centring on the seminal lockout of 20,000 workers in Dublin in 1913, Strumpet City encompasses a wide sweep of city life.


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The Women and Men of 1926 investigates the Lock-Out from the perspective of gender relations, offering a social history of the mining communities in south Wales during the Lock-Out.





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Facing probable redundancy in his mid-fifties, South Elmsall miner Arthur Wakefield, fought for jobs and communities throughout the great strike of 1984/85.




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Twenty years since the 84/85 miners' strike, this is the story of that bitter, year-long dispute is told through the memories of people from mining communities who took part in it.





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Triona Holden, one of the BBC correspondents who reported on the 1984/85 strike, revisits some of the wives, daughters and mothers of the miners.





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A Very British Strike draws on previously unpublished sources and contemporary accounts as well as research, building a picture of exaclty how and why the Strike began and ended less than two weeks later





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New updated edition of Seamus Milne's classic book on the secret war against the miners


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In July 1888, fourteen hundred women and girls employed by the matchmakers Bryant and May walked out of their East End factory and into the history books.
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Only 30 miners out of 2,000 from the Leicestershire coalfield struck against the pit closure programme. They became renowned as The Dirty Thirty.





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In January 1986, some 5,500 workers employed by four of Britain's national newspapers were sacked. Bad News tells the story of an ordinary group of people thrown into extraordinary circumstances, and how those circumstances affected their lives.





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From the end of the Civil War until her death in 1930 at the age of 100, Mary Harris "Mother" Jones was a tireless fight for the working class.
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This lavishly illustrated centenary account of the birth of the New Unionism brings to life one of the most important moments in labour history through the remarkable lives of those involved.





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Our Flag Stays Red is a unique account of communist and anti-fascist activity in London's East End in the 1930s and 1940s.

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1 - 30 of 40 results