Foam Trays

Foam Trays

Foam Trays

Feldherr - perfect foam trays

Two Half Size foam sections will cover the same footprint as one Full Size foam insert. Two full-size tray have the same size as one double-size tray (this means also: 4 half size trays have the same size like a double-size tray)! Thats pretty cool, because you can use our foam trays in nearly all combinations in our cases, bags and storage boxes!

half-size: 27,5 cm x 17,2 cm x thickness of the foam tray
full-size: 34,5 cm x 27,5 cm x thickness of the foam tray (GW size)
double-size: 55,0 cm x 34,5 cm x thickness of the foam tray


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Feldherr 36 x Infantry - Super Soft Foam Trays 35mm GW Size - Perfect for all tabletop standard miniatures in 28 mm systems.

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