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Looks great, definitely not like the picture though.
à partir de le 19/10/2015
Great quality, super fast shipping (4 business days to Orlando, FL) but the colors are definitely a STANDOUT and not necessarily in a good way. These are white contacts with very light neon blue edges, but definitely not looking like the picture. They provide awesome coverage but they are not close to be realistic. I wish they were toned down a bit! but they will work for this halloween.
I rate these contact lenses a 10
à partir de le 08/09/2015
It took one and a half weeks to receive these contact lenses by mail. They really look awesome on my PE eyes. I made sure to handle them with care. These contacts are very good quality. I'm definitely going to order again.
not what is advertised
à partir de le 10/10/2014
I would say ordering is easy... there are plenty of options for styles but what received doesn't look like the picture or anything like what is advertised. I would say they look neon sky blue and if i could upload pictures, I would happily do so. I would not recommend this product.

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