Questions and Answers


How do i order

Simply add the item you like to the shopping cart by clicking add to basket and then fill out all the delivery details and make payment.


How long til i receive delivery

Delivery can vary from state to state some customers receive their items within 2 days while others can have to wait for up to 14 working days (based on customer feedback and not guaranteed), we must state though it is very rare it takes that long but can happen, the best way to avoid this is by purchasing USPS tracked when making your purchase.


Do i get a tracking number

Tracking numbers are only available to customers who purchase USPS tracked shipping, your tracking number is then available upon request, if you have paid for a tracked service and have not received your tracking number yet then please e-mail us and we will send it straight to you.


USPS standard or USPS tracked

USPS standard is a great service we obtain proof of postage on all deliveries made, however as this is a standard service your delivery times can vary from 2 to 21 working days (official USPS delivery times), the plus side is that USPS standard is an afforadable method, but on the other hand if you are in a rush for your parcel then we would suggest USPS tracked this way you can track your parcel from dispatch all the way to being delivered at your door.


What are the return times

You can return you lenses within 14 days of receipt providing that they have not been opened, please do not open the contact lenses if you have no intention of keeping them as we will not accept returns on opened contact lenses under any circumstances, it is importnat that you check your lenses through the clear vials before opening any damage afterwards will not be rectified.


How secure are the online payments

The online payments are very secure we use Worldpay Ltd who are trusted worldwide and one of the biggest online payment services.


Do i need to sign up to make payment

No, payment via Worldpay Ltd is no different than going into a shop, its simple its pay and go and all is done securely using the latest technology via Worldpay Ltd.


Can i have my order delivered to a different address

Yes, but you must also make sure that you give the correct billing address when checking out, fail to do this may result in your order being canceled.


Who can use these lenses

Anyone can use these contact lenses, the are non-prescription contact lenses and have no added vision powers so they do not affect your own vision.


I have never used contact lenses and i am unsure on how to use them

Thats fine, these lenses are designed for people who have never used contact lenses before, they are so easy to use, they have to be soaked in soft contact lens solution for 24 hours, there is more detailed information on applying these contact lenses online to suit your needs.


Why are my e-mails not getting answered

All e-mails are replied to within 24 hours excluding weekends, if you have not received an e-mail the chances are that it has gone into your spam folder, another reason could be because your questions have already been already answered in a previous e-mail.


I cannot get through on the phone

This happens for a few reasons either because we are all busy packing orders or because it is out of our office hours, however should this be the case make sure you should e-mail your questions and leave your order number, name and you question and we will get right back to you.


Seriously where is my order now

We cannot issue a claim on a missing order until 21 working days have passed, you can ask and ask but there is nothing we can do until 21 working days pass, these are the rules of the mailing company, once 21 working days have passed contact us and we will issue a claim straight away, but please make the topic of your e-mail "21 working days passed and no order" and also ensure that it is 21 working days and not 21 days.


My lenses are ripped after opening

We will not do nothing about ripped lenses once they have been opened, in our experience lenses only rip through incorrect handling, that's why we state check your lenses through the clear package before opening, read the next section for more info


How do i check my lenses before opening and what to look for

The lenses come in clear glass bottles you will notice damage at quick glance, if you are unsure then do not open them and we will issue you with a new pair, sometimes lenses can get stuck at the bottom of top of the bottle if you shake the bottle hard they usually come free, if not send it back to us unopened and we will issue you a new lens or lenses,

Any signs of rips or tares again do not open and send them straight back, we have no problems with changing unopened lenses.


I am not happy with the lenses can i exchange

Yes, as long as you have not opened the lenses send them back with a request for an exchange and we will do this for you as soon as they arrive.


Will the lenses cover all my eye color

Yes the lenses will cover all your eye color with no problems, the lenses are solid in color.


Are the contact lenses soft or hard

The contact lenses are soft


What countries do you ship to

This website only ships to the U.S. and Canada


What credit and debit cards do you accept

We accept all Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Mastercard debit, American Express and JCB credit and debit cards.


Abbreviations USPS *united states postal service, PE *plastic eyeball, RX *prescription, Ltd *limited, SSL *secure socket layer,  USD *united states dollar,