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We hope you enjoy this contact lens blog, here you will find information on all the latest events like coupons, new products etc

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Extra 15% OFF all Halloween Contacts

Get an extra 15% OFF all Halloween contact lenses when you enter the coupon code: HALLOWEEN15 This offer is valid until October 30th 2017.

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Black Friday 30% OFF all contact lenses for PE eyes until Nov 29th 2015

Read entire post: Black Friday 30% OFF all contact lenses for PE eyes until Nov 29th 2015

Enjoy a massive 30% OFF all contact lenses for our Black Friday Sale,

You can take advantage of this offer until November 29th 2015, we are offering the best discount you will find this Black Friday,

Simply enter 30FRIDAY in the coupon box when checking out for the discount to happen,

The coupon can be used as many times as you like until the expiry date, please be sure to share with your friends and family!


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Get 15% off all contacts before Oct 10th - Halloween Offer

Read entire post: Get 15% off all contacts before Oct 10th - Halloween Offer

Enjoy 15% off all contact lenses in time for Halloween when you enter the discount code SPOOKY10 when checking out, this 15% off also deducts from the shipping costs so you can enjoy a full saving,

The offer is only valid when you use the coupon and expires end of October 10th 2014, this will be your last change to take advantage of an offer before Halloween 2014 so act fast,

All or products are non-prescription contact lenses and suitable for all eyes, These contact lenses only change the color and design of eyes whilst affecting nothing else, for fun, fashion and sepcial effects use,

Please be sure to share with family and friedns on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc, have an awesome Halloween from the DemonEyez Team.

Halloween Discount Code for contact lenses

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Summer time offer 10% off all contact lenses

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Summer time is here and we hope you are having a great time it's been good this year and so have the releases of many new contact lens designs like "Maleficent" just to mention one,

Anyway you can enjoy 10% discount at the time of ordering by entering the code: SUMMER10

This code will reduce the value on all contact lenses ordered even the sclera full eye contacts suitable for eyes, please be sure to enjoy and share with your friends, every little helps!

Why not take advantage of the discount and order your contact lenses now before Halloween as this will be the final offer before then.



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The Tall Witch – Hansel and Gretel

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Unsure on make-up and Halloween ideas? Why not create a Witch, creating a witch is still as popular as ever, the choice of witches you can display from the Hansel and Gretel “Witch hunters” movie is insane, there is such a variety of choices,

We are focusing on the Tall witch in this topic who was played by Zoe Bell, she played the character of the tall witch and did all the stunts herself,

So who is the tall witch? The tall witch is ugly, that’s for sure, the Tall Witch menaced people by living in the north of the forest in Augsburg to which no one would go, villagers feared her and she managed to go unharmed for many years, that was until of course Hansel and Gretel arrived, they entered her lair taking her by surprise but the Tall witch was not willing to go quietly and put up a great attempt of escaping whilst unleashing black magic and acrobatic moves, but this still was no match for the skill of Hansel and Gretel who managed to contain her in the end,

Looking at the Tall witch one of the hardest things to duplicate is her eyes, the make-up, fake teeth and clothing can all be done with pretty much ease, but getting them yellow eyes to an eye color is not going to happen unless you choose contact lenses,

To get witch eyes to match the tall witch you are going to need crow contact lenses, these contacts are yellow in color and have a black ring around the edge of the lens, they are purposely made for all eyes so the effects are much better, they give an very scary look, just one look in the mirror whilst wearing these and you will soon understand that they are very scary and menacing by their responses which is why we suggest them for Halloween.


Crow contact lenses (aka Tall Witch) suitable for all eye colors just $27.99 per pair @ Demoneyez

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Maleficent Contact Lenses - buy online here (out now)

Read entire post: Maleficent Contact Lenses - buy online here (out now)

Hitting our stores this week are the long awaited Maleficent contact lenses suitable for all eye colors released along side the epic Maleficent movie,

For those who do not know "Maleficent" is the new Disney pictures adventure starring Angelina Jolie, Maleficent is the untold story of the Disney's most iconic villain from the 1959 classic "Sleeping Beauty", whilst we would like to divulge more into the story a little bit more we wil not as movie spoilers take all the fun away and this is a movie you should not miss,

Maleficent mania is expected to hit the stores after the launch, with make-up fans and special effects artists going crazy to get their hands on items to get the best look to their props, Maleficent is also tipped to be the number one choice with Halloween fans, votes have shown a whopping 83% are considering dressing up as Maleficent this Halloween, 95% have suggested making Maleficent mannequins, 76% have stated they will be doing Maleficent artwork and designs, as you may have noticed from all the screenshots and photos of Maleficent over the web she has contact lenses with the colors black , orange and green, you are going to need these contacts if you want your eye color and makeup to be up to scratch, we know this as our pre-orders have been insane, having just your own standard eye color will be fine but no way near as good as the next person creates a look of a masterpiece with Maleficent contacts,

Grab your pair today and get the Maleficent look with makeup and contact lenses on your eyes, we cannot guarantee that stocks will last all over Halloween so order now to avoid dissappointment, you will not regret it.


Maleficent Contact Lenses for all Peye colors $27.99 per pair (prices can change) @ Demoneyez

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Vin Diesel and Riddick contact lenses

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For over 10 years now Vin Diesel has been inspiring the world with the awesome Chronicles of Riddick movies which first launched back in 2000 and are still being released to the present date, along with the movies came a sudden interest in having Mirrored looking eyes like the Character Riddick,

For those who have not seen any of the Chronicles of Riddick movies, Riddick is a fictional character in this sci-fi movie, he is a skilled predator with amazing knowledge of stealth and killing whilst showing heroic actions despite being a dangerous convict,

In the movie Riddicks eyes have a silver mirrored effect which give him the benefit of being able to see in total darkness, he has to wear welding googles where bright light is present to protect his eyes as they are very sensitive,

Now the same look can be achieved to your eyes by using Mirror Silver Contact Lenses, the contacts we stock are a metallic silver in color and can be used on all eyes as they are not prescription contacts or medical devices they are purposely made to be suitable for all eyes, they will not affect anyhting else, all they do is change your own colored eyes into silver eyes like Riddick,

They are great for movie shoots, photography, artists, theatrical use and much more, order now at

Riddick silver contact lenses

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Azealia Banks wears sclera contacts in Yung Rapunxel

Read entire post: Azealia Banks wears sclera contacts in Yung Rapunxel

Rapping, singer, songwriter Azealia Banks wears Black Sclera contact lenses in her music video "Yung Rapunxel", Azealia is a keen contact lens wearer who is seen wearing many different special effects contacts at events, venues and premiers,

In the music video "Yung Rapunxel" she wears a few different pairs of contact lenses, but the most striking out of them all has to be the black sclera,

Black sclera contacts suitable for all eyes work in a way that is really unique to standard contact lenses as they cover the whole of that eye color, so this means even the whites of those eyes are covered, they manage to do this as they are bigger than standard contacts, sure a full color black can be done other ways but the effects just wont be the same,

The special effects and thought that went into the "Yung Rapunxel" music video are second to none as over recent years artists have tended to shy away from such videos and settled for basic production, so to the one's that enjoy good music videos with lots of special effects this came as a big welcome and hopefully a bench mark for those that no longer do but should,


Azealia's black scelra contact lenses (seen at 0.41 seconds and at various shots throughout the video) you can create the same effects as these on your eyes, Sclera contact lenses are also more durable and last much longer compared to standard contact lenses, however they are well worth it get creative on your special effects and choose the best contact lenses right here.

Azealia Banks wearing Black Sclera contact lenses

Black Sclera contact lenses for all eyes are $279.99 per pair (prices can change) @

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You Still Have Time to get your Halloween Contacts

Read entire post: You Still Have Time to get your Halloween Contacts

Halloween is now approaching so if you have not thought about your contacts already you will need to take action within the next 5 days to ensure your contacts arrive in time for Halloween, just a few pointers if you have decided to be create a Vampire this year you may want to consider the blood red contacts as they pack a really feel that you are blood hungry and will make your vampire costume on props and more look even better than it is,

If on the other hand you are going to create a zombie look over Halloween you are spoilt for choice, the main favorite is the Basic White Contact Lenses these contacts are plain white and do look awesome, other choices for zombies at Halloween are the Infected Zombie contacts and the Berzerker Contacts, both of these lenses are white based with lots of bloody red detail to strike fear into all your victims at your Halloween party.

Halloween contacts start from $23.99 per pair @

Spooky eye contacts in time for Halloween

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Stand Out with Black Out Contacts this Halloween

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Make everything stand out this Halloween with the pure evil looking Black Out Halloween Contact Lenses,

They transform your eyes into total blackness, your own eye color becomes black with a wet look shine, the look of a demon, devil or any other beast that would fit the role during Halloween,

Black contacts have been around for sometime now, but this style of contact lens still proves very popular with contact lens users and special effects artists, not surprising as black is the darkest color with an absence of light this is what makes them more commonly associated with evil, witches and magic,

Black out contacts look great with sugar skull makeup designs on props, haunted houses, they also look fantastic when dressing up a demon scene, they also suit being a vampire just as good, as you can see it is hard to pin these contacts to just one theme as they will match any theme you choose,

Your design ideas will stand out at Halloween,

They are not a contact lens to be over looked as these are purposely made for all eyes, so if you are stuck on ideas put a pair of black out contacts on your eyes and just gaze for a few minutes to see what you come up with,

Black out contacts are now on sale here.

Black Out Halloween Contact Lenses

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