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Anzahl der Bewertungen: 13
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,8
von Anonymus am 24.09.2015
These I have continued to order for the past year.. I love them they are very beautiful and great quality.. I highly recommend these.
great quality contacts
von Anonymus am 24.09.2015
cool and awesome color contacts.
5 Stars
von Anonymus am 20.09.2015
They came without being scratched or damaged. They are extremely beautiful and sinful when you put them on. They look amazing. I love these lenses and would highly recommend them. I get complements about how beautiful they are and haunting. In daylight they are much brighter and more sinnister than they are at night. These kick ass. Love You Demon Eyes. DO NOT PUT THESE LENSES OFF THE MARKET! They are just too cool.
von Anonymus am 11.09.2015
Received lots of compliments on these and shipping was fast!
awesome contacts!!!
von Anonymus am 08.09.2015
Everyone stops and takes notice... they take pics of them too, these are absolutely gorgeous hands down!!
von Anonymus am 08.09.2015
I have received many complements about my new PE contacts. they really do help make my designs stand out more. The contacts were shipped fast and I will be ordering more contacts from demon eyes real soon.
great for a variety of occasions
von Anonymus am 08.09.2015
I absolutely love these contacts I have ordered them before, and just find them to be a versatile lense for many of my ideas, I love how they can be both dreamy and sinful. They are just great.
Very Cool!!
von Anonymus am 08.09.2015
Fast delivery, affordable compared to other products available. They were very good quality and looked just as described. I used them at a vampire masquerade ball and they looked fantastic, very striking. I will buy again fromt Demon Eyez for sure!!
5 star
von Anonymus am 08.09.2015
this color looks great, i've used them many times and they are still perfect.
Worth it!
von Anonymus am 11.01.2015
5 star
von Anonymus am 21.10.2014
they are good quality and were shipped in a very timely manner
von Anonymus am 30.08.2013
I like them alot.
Fantastic! Beautiful contacts! Fast delivery!
von Anonymus am 18.03.2013