Surrey Honey

Surrey Honey



Taste some of the best honey in Surrey.  

Here you will find Surrey Runny, Set, Cut Comb, and Chunk Honey. 


 Liquid Honey     Cut Comb     Chunk Honey


Unfortunately we do not have shop premises to sell our honey from direct, and we do not like to send it by post due to safety and the weight, and we are unable to sell from home, so please take a look at our stockists page to find out where you can buy our honey from. 
Alternatively, if our stockists are not close to you, please check out our diary page to see if we are attending an event in your area.  
If none of the above are suitable please email us on for alternative arrangements/options.

Here you can see what Surrey Honey products we supply to most of our stockists (stock permitting).


Blossom_Honey  Set_Honey  Borage  Chunk_Honey  Comb_Honey  


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