Kev Munday creates positive, vibrant artwork inspired by people watching and every day. exaggerating and celebrating the ordinary, Kev aims for his art to appeal to all ages and make the viewer think and smile at the same time. his work takes inspiration from artforms as diverse as kawaii graphics and Huichol yarn paintings.

Kev Munday
Kev Munday Pelicans Pianos And Pick Up Trucks

using bold lines and block colours, the vibrancy of Munday’s style creates an enthralling visual experience. his iconic crowd paintings depict a sea of unique individuals which pays tribute to the beauty found in diversity. each individual portrait is equally valued, taken altogether, the effect is a striking vision of community which is more than the sum of its individual parts.

Kev Munday
Kev Munday Mural For Merkle Periscopix

Kev has created artwork for brands including Walt Disney, Graham & Brown wallpaper, fracture skateboards and uni-ball and his art is collected and exhibited worldwide. having recently been named by the Telegraph as a ‘British artist to invest in right now’, Munday’s work can be found transcending gallery walls and onto a plethora of surfaces, including everything from police cars to pianos, billboards to grandfather clocks.

Kev Munday
Kev Munday Mural For Periscopix

Relishing the opportunity to work in the public domain, Kev likes to see everything as a canvas and can be regularly found producing his artwork live at a variety of events.

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