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Mantel Farm Newsletter - June 2016

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All a buzz at the farm...
Bees, Hybrids, Quail, Beekeeping Courses, Shows, Ducks

Last weekend seemed extra busy here, with the recent arrival of our little quail and many hybrids for sale. Our shop was really busy on Sunday and with our beekeeper checking on the bees and a weekend beekeeping course also taking place there was a real buzz on the farm!

Thankfully we had a few helping hands; Maurice led our beekeeping course and with his wealth of experience and knowledge gave a great insight into beekeeping, and Ellie provided plenty of refreshments and a lovely selection of food.

Things are not likely to slow down for a while now, with shows to attend over the next few weeks, more hybrids arriving and call ducks coming very soon. Jason is also running his popular "Introduction to Keeping Chickens" course on June 16th and Amanda is joining us in June and July to give Beekeeping courses -

We will be in the educational area of the South of England Show this 9th, 10th and 11th June and in July we join the small farm training group on their stand, where Jason will also be giving chicken keeping talks.

What to do if you discover a swarm of bees, or are in need of one...

Bee with pollen

June also brings much activity inside (and possibly outside) the beehive, being a month when bees are prone to swarming, and after a winter and spring with many colony losses we need to do all we can to re-hive as many swarms as possible.

If you find a swarm of honey bees please contact our local beekeepers via the BBKA website. Alternatively we can now offer a swarm collection service here at Mantel Farm – bookable by contacting us on 01424 830357 or through our website -

If you are in need of bees, please contact us and we will keep a list of possible places to re-home swarms.


This Month's Product Feature:
New Rodent Control Service and new Legislation

Pest Control  

Yet another piece of legislation is upon us! And it affects everyone buying or using rodenticides:

HSE have introduced a UK Rodenticide Stewardship Scheme to restrict the availability of rodenticide products. This scheme is to ensure rodenticides are used responsibly and are not affecting non target animals.

All new anticoagulant products should now carry the new stewardship conditions. The scheme restricts buyers to certain poison types and limits purchases to a maximum size of 1.5kg. Farmers, gamekeepers and professional pest controllers will only be able to buy stewardship label products if they hold a certified proof of competence or are a member of an approved farm assurance scheme.


More info can be found on the CRRU website -

We will continue to offer our popular Raco products, but you will find them in new packaging, of less than 1.5kg size. This pack size will tackle a small mouse or rat problem and the blocks in particular remain our recommended course of action, easily located in secure bait stations or wired into place.

Where problems persist, the recommended solution is to call in a pest control specialist; although the new legislations seems to restrict our own actions, we must remember it is aimed at protecting our more precious and endangered animals that are all too often harmed by the incorrect use of rodenticides.


To offer a simple and cost effective solution we have teamed up with a local pest controller. For just £25.00 we will visit your site, assess the problem and provide a personalised action plan to best help your situation. This plan can save you time both and money and ensure you are acting responsibly and correctly within the legislation.

To book a visit simply call us, ask in our shop or book through our website - and we will arrange a suitable time for a visit.


Our Local Weather Forecast:

weather forecast

Weather forecasts for
sea and freshwater anglers

There is no forecast from Tim this month as he is extremely busy at the moment launching a new fishing magazine.

For anyone interested in fishing this is an exciting new monthly publication available across the UK and Ireland and run by dedicated and experienced anglers with wide media and publishing experience.

For more info please visit the website -


Quail Starter Pack
Everything you need to keep a few quail

Quail Starter Pack  

Quail make great little pets are easy to care for and lay lots of lovely tasty little eggs.

This pack includes 3 quail, an ark, their feed, bedding, feed and water cups. All for just £95.00.


New: Quail Dust Trays
Introductory offer – free bag of dust

Quail dust trays  

Seeing how popular our dust trays and dust mix is still proving for chickens, we have made a new little tray designed especially for quail to enjoy a dust bath.

Introductory offer – free bag of dust!

Tray just £6.50.


beekeeping courses

  Swarm Collection Service
Call our experienced Beekeeper

Swarm Collection Service

A swarm of honey bees occurs when some of the bees leave their colony. They usually form a cluster in a tree, gatepost or on any other suitable object. When they have settled into a cluster they will then fly to their new "home".

Swarms of honey bees can usually be safely removed by one of our qualified/experienced beekeepers if they are contacted in time and the bees are located in an accessible site.

£55.00 per visit. To book simply call us or book through our website:

  Rodent Control Visit
Call our professional pest controller

Rodent Control Visit

To help to follow the new requirements, why not let our pest control expert visit your site and advise on the best course of action, ensuring your rodent control not only complies with the new legislation but is also is cost effective.

Site Assessment and Rodent Control Plan just £25.00

  South of England Show
9th 10th &11th June

South of England Show

If you are visiting the show please call in and say hello. We are located in the educational area in the centre of the showground opposite the fishing lake.

  The Basics of Chicken Keeping
Next course: 16th June 2016

chicken keeping course

Aimed at the beginner this is an evening talk, discussing Chicken Keeping.

Learn about the pleasures and perils of keeping hens in your garden, their suitability as pets and the joys of having your own fresh free-range eggs.

£35.00 per person. To book, call us or visit our training courses website by pressing the button below.

  book now  
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