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Mantel Farm Newsletter - February 2017

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Spring is on its way...


Just a quick update this month as it's only a short month, we are running a little late sending our Feb newsletter and March is only 3 weeks away!

It is a little scary to think that spring will soon be upon us but at the same time we really look forward to the longer warmer days.  As usual we have lots going on here, and much more planned, but for now we are concentrating on moving our Bee Apiary and improving our staff toilets.  We are also getting ready for our first delivery of hybrids and the barn will soon be alive with the sound of young hens.  

Click here for more info, or to reserve our Hybrid Hens

The Apiary will move just a little along our bank between the barns, this will make it easier for us to carry out inspections and training sessions with the confidence that we are well out of the way of other customers.  The hives will also be more visible from our shop so all will have a safe view from inside the shop windows.  Although this is only a small move we need to get most of the ground works complete before the bees become really active (it's not much fun carrying railway sleepers and digging in a bee-suit!). When all is ready for the bees we will have to move the hives gradually (a maximum of 3 feet at a time) to ensure any flying bees can find their hive when they return.

We are also working on our outside toilet - we decided enough was enough a couple of weeks ago when the water in the pan stayed frozen all day!  So it's time to complete the new roof and add some proper lighting, heating and hot water!

Josh has been busy writing for our new blog, this week he has added info on looking after your hens in cold weather, last week he discussed keeping your hens happy while the Avian Influenza control measures are in place - so why not take a look.

Mantel Farm Blog - A diary of garden farming, poultry keeping and beekeeping courses.

Our expert beekeeper Amanda has also written another article about the honey bees, and if you have not subscribed already then you can view it here:

Click here to read the beekeeping newsletter

Click here to subscribe to the beekeeping newsletter


Ian's Gardening Tales from the Weald

Ian is a Gardens Manager living in Crowhurst, working as part of a team in three large country gardens in the Sussex and Kent Weald.

Ians_garden_2_Jan17Ian is still looking for a new gardening apprentice, so if you know of anyone who may be interested please get in touch with him, or pop into our shop where we have more info on the job role.

Ian Donovan:  
Hips and Haws Gardening, Crowhurst
07773 363096


NEW:  Hotmax logs £6.85 (3 for £15)

As the cold weather is forecast to return, these heat logs are a perfect way to increase the heat from your fire.

They are a clean, efficient and sustainable fuel (ideal if the log supply is getting short as in our case!) - Jason is always reluctant to burn anything other than free logs in our Rayburn and open fire, but having used these he is now often seen adding a few to get a good fire started or increase the heat in the Rayburn to get the dinner cooking quicker!




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Our first 2017 Beekeeping Course is next week, a perfect way to spend a relaxed evening thinking of the spring...

An evening course with Amanda, discussing what is involved with beekeeping and explaining a little about the biology and behaviour of bees, perfect if you are interested in bees...


Beekeeping course

£68.00 per person - only a few spaces remain and are now available at a discounted price - please enquire


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