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Mantel Farm Newsletter - April 2016

Easter Time

We have finally had a few days when it’s started to feel like spring. The daffodils and primroses are trying their best to remind us it is nearly Easter, but most days still feel very winter-like and the fire is still very much alight.

The year is marching on incredibly fast though. Our barn is well stocked with hybrid hens again and our little bantam chicks have grown so fast they are now fully feathered. Our geese have started laying and Perkin (the Gander) has become very protective! So it's back to the fun routine of spending time each evening trying to convince him to go to bed peacefully!

From 1st April (no fooling) we will have our Bantam Pekins for sale again - all vaccinated and guaranteed hens (cockerels also available). There will be an even better selection of colours available this year so look out for more details on website or pop into the shop to have a look. We are also now taking orders for quail and call ducks.

The first of our new beekeeping courses is now just a few weeks away, so don’t forget to book your place if you are thinking of keeping bees. This informal but informative evening is great for anyone considering keeping bees or even if you would just like to know more about them.

This Month's Product Feature:
Diatom Powder





A 350g tub of Diatom Powder £3.45
A 2kg tub of Diatom Powder £9.95

Diatom (DE or Diatomatious Earth) is a natural multi-parasite control powder that has been used for centuries on animals to help combat infestations of mite, lice and fleas.

It is generally used by regularly scattering a thin layer on the floor and nest boxes of the poultry house. Used throughout the hen house it also removes moisture and so help maintain a dry environment for your hens. Diatom can also be used to directly powder your poultry or as a general supplement by adding to the feed (5% or a healthy sprinkling).

Diatom is a naturally mined, mineral product made up of millions of microscopic fossilized diatoms. When crushed to a fine powder it feels similar to chalk powder, but when viewed under a microsope the fine particles resemble shards of broken glass. Being sharp in nature they pierce the protective membrane on parasitical organisms causing them to denature.

Diatom is 100% natural, odour free and harmless to animals and birds.

Our Local Weather Forecast:

weather forecast

Weather forecasts for
sea and freshwater anglers


After a chilly March we seem to be ending first with a few days of spring and then over the Easter weekend some unsettled but warmer and wetter weather.

Early indications for April suggest that the progression of frontal systems from the Atlantic may well ease after Easter with high pressure having more of an influence again. This would probably mean less unsettled, though still rather changeable weather at times. As often the case in April, large variations in weather type and temperature may occur from day to day.

We normally get a good spell of proper spring weather in April which will bring out the primroses, blossom and hopefully our bees too. I haven’t looked in the hive yet and will wait for some really warm weather before doing so but the bees in our chimney have certainly been active.

We'll be introducing pigs to our orchard again this spring and the chickens seem to have got into a great laying rhythm with nearly a full house everyday.

On the fishing front our local angling boats will start to see plaice and some early bass caught (although there is a ban on landing bass – we have to put them all back); that’s if we get a spell of calm weather.

Here’s hoping for a warm spring!!

New Easter Opening Hours:

winter opening hours

We will be open as usual today (Good Friday)
10am - 4pm

We will be closed however on Easter Sunday


We wish you a very happy Easter - From all of us at Mantel Farm!



  Pekin Bantams:
Available From 1st April


Pekin Bantams are a very docile friendly bird, they make a perfect pet for young children as they are easily handled and love a cuddle. They also make an excellent broody and mum to their chicks, looking after their young until they are able to fend for themselves. Pekins are a small and rounded bird, their shape often called a ‘tea-cosy’. The hens can lay up to 180 small pale cream eggs a year.

Our hens will be approximately 10 weeks old, vaccinated and guaranteed hens. £30.00 each.

  Evening Beekeeping Course
Just a few weeks away

beekeeping course

Our next course: "The basics of beekeeping"

Friday 15th April 7pm-10pm - £66.00

To book: Simply reserve a place in our shop or visit our training courses website:

  Bird Boxes  

bird boxes

Buy 3 of these wonderful bird boxes for only £10! Available in our shop.

We have rediscovered our passion for giving birds somewhere cosy to live. Put one in your garden to encourage birds to nest.

  Chimney Sweep  

chimney sweep

With the winter dragging on, we have just had our chimney swept again, and can highly recommend our local sweep from Bexhill - Rik Barker.

Rik provides a very friendly, professional and clean service, we have used him for many years to sweep all our chimneys here and he never grumbles at the state of our very old well used rayburn!

Contact Kleensweep by telephone - ask for Rik Barker on 01424 219944 or 07966 473003.

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